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2009 WA

In April 2009 a new ACRM Marine Base was set up in the Shark Bay Denham area of WA.

The Radio Operators are Noel and Wende.

This base at the present time is only seasonal as antennas must be taken down prior to cyclone season.

They will be on air from Mid April to end July early August each year on VHF.


In the first year of operation, they had a rescue from day 2 of going on air, so they are a much-needed service for this region and it helps relieve the Sea Rescue of a small part of their operations and give them a break.

They are a very professional couple on radio and calm and competent radio operators.

Wende is also an Invigilator for MROCP exams.

Wende has also had extensive Medical training in the nursing field but now retired.

Noel is the Mr. Nav. man and if there is anything that you need to know in regards to this while you are up in Denham drop in and see Noel and he will help you out.

They are also known as the ONE STOP SHOP as what they don’t know about the area isn’t worth knowing. Wende can make Sails also if required.

National Award received.

On 12th November 2009, Richard and Rae were presented with the National Australian Search and Rescue Award for 2009.

It was given for outstanding service and achievement in Search and Rescue, through unceasing operation of Australian Citizens Radio monitors since 1987.


It was presented to them on Rotnest Island by the Chairman Mr. John Young with all the Council present at their Annual Conference.

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