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Welcome to ACRM WA

Marine Radio Safety Communications

What We Do

For Marine Radio Safety Communications, Emergencies and Logins from Preston Beach to Hamelin Bay/Augusta on VHF Marine Radio Channel 80 or 16, call ACRM Base; pronounced “ackram”.

Text Messages for logins also on mobile: 0466 724 233

ACRM Fishing log in Chart - Word Doc Download & Print

Marine Radio Safety Communications

ACRM WA provides marine radio safety communications, emergencies, and logins from Preston Beach to Hamelin Bay/Augusta. Our radio monitoring services ensure that you are never out of reach in case of an emergency on the water or on the land.

Training and Certification

There are many organisations that offer training and certification programs for individuals and organisations to ensure they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for safe marine radio communications.

Check out the Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia Facebook page for more info and opportunities.

Community Involvement

ACRM WA is dedicated to building a community of individuals and organizations who are committed to marine safety. We partner with local businesses and organizations to promote safety and awareness.

How We Work

At ACRM WA, we use technology and fully-trained, volunteer personnel to monitor radio communications and respond to emergencies. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our boating communities. We are not a fishing or boating club, but a radio safety monitoring club that provides a vital service to the community.


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